The Magnetawan is a picturesque river with 5-7 exciting rapids in this section.  It can be paddled at a very broad range of levels from over 100 m³/s to as low as 7 m³/s.  All rapids are river bank scoutable and can be portaged.   4-6 hr on the water day trip. Class 3-5. Most is intermediate paddler friendly with the choice to run a few more technical rapids.  There are some epic wave trains at higher levels on most rapids with little consequence if you swim.  

The level of the river significantly changes the experience and challenge.  

Real time levels can be found at the Government of Canada Water Office Website.   There are 2 measurements.  The one you want is the discharge (primary sensor derived) (m³/s).  The info on this website if very detailed and you can modify many paramaters such as date ranges and view historical flows for comparison.   

Put in #1: (Feighan Falls at Ahmic Lake Resort) off Highway 124/520 on Robinson Dr. ( Only runnable above 60 m³/s)

Google Maps: 45°40'02.3"N 79°44'27.8"W

You are welcome to park in the parking lot at the public launch next to the resort, but always good to notify the staff and be respectful of this property. You can have dinner at the resort restaurant called the Swiss Country House Restaurant, but you will have to book in advance.  A great alternative is the Magnetawan Grill & Grocer 10 min away. No reservation required, but always wise to call in advance. 

This put in starts with an intermediate friendly rapid through the rounded ceiling tunnel under the highway, followed by another intermediate friendly rapid 10 minutes or so down river.  This tributary then empties into the Magnetawan just above Poverty Chutes which is a very long and technical rapid at higher levels, but quite intermediate friendly at very low levels.   

Put in #2|: (Knoepfli Falls)  Directly off of Highway 124 on river right there is parking on the access road to the dam.

Google Maps: 45°39'59.5"N 79°43'22.8"W

If you want to run something a lot bigger and more technical It leads to Poverty Bay, but there is nothing in between so it is a longer flatwater paddle.

Take out: Maple Island takeout on Maple Island Rd. at the bridge.   You can park on the road just over the bridge on the right.  There is a large set of concrete steps from the water up to the road, but you will have to hop over the gaurd rail at the road.  

Google Maps: 45°42'24.8"N 79°52'39.2"W

15 min drive between put in and take out.

Magnetawan: A high water spring run

Magnetawan River KWP Week Of Rivers low water trip video