Are you energetic?

Passionate about whitewater paddling?

Pride yourself on being a team player?

We are looking for three new board members to join our leadership team, for a term running until our next AGM in November/December 2018. Current vacant positions are the 1) President, 2) Membership and Financial Management,  and 3) Events Planning and Promotion. If we do not receive nominations for some of these three positions, where necessary, Eric and Simon will take these roles on and we will recruit board members for their current roles. (Eric will step into the President or Events Planning and Promotion roles, and Simon will take on the Membership and Financial Management role). This will leave the Member at Large and/or Secretary/Website Management positions open. Both of these positions are easier to manage for a new board member, or a returning board member preferring a lighter role. If a new Secretary prefers, the Website Management will remain with Simon.

All positions will be voted on or filled through acclamation, during an online/teleconference membership meeting to be held in the near future.

The descriptions of all of the board member roles can be viewed in our Constitution here. This election process is compliant with our Constitution.

If you are interested in, or would like to discuss,  becoming a board member, or nominating an existing club member, please email us at:

Please include the preferred position, from any of the 5 board member roles.

Simon and Eric — Your KWP Board