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under construction Mackfest 2020

On this page we are starting to build our MACKfest 2020 Store site

Rebate Policy:

note the following items are rebatable:

  • camping site pre-payments
  • non-WO insurance single Day event purchases




Notes below/draft site above

Web layout for M.A.C.K.fest Store

  • Description of rebate if pre-purchase for all items (including 4 raffle tickets for each item purchased (max 20 raffle tickets).You will need to present yourself at the registration table to pick up your registration package

—————————————————————————————————————————————-Description for Camping i.e The Iron Grill is proud to offer on sire camping at a cost of $10 per night per person…. Or $12 if purchased on site…

  • Check Box for camping one night
  • Check Box for camping two night
  • Description for dinner meal i.e buffet style (include meal description) $20 per person or $22 if purchased on sitetime for dinner seating description TBD
  • Drop down box with following:
    • First dinner seating
    • Second dinner seating
  • M. A.C.K.fest t-shirt +cost (TBD) (can only be pre-purchase)picture of t-shirt front and back
  • https://www.kwpclub.ca/product/2019-mackfest-t-shirts/
    • MA.C.K.fest Toques +cost (TBD) (can only be pre-purchase) include description (USB headlamp) picture of Toque
  • Check Box Toque

————————————————————————————————————————————-M. A.C.K.fest Special raffle (chance to win either: Playboat, Kokatat Meridien gore-tex dry suit (ordered to your specific size (small, medium, large, extra large), 3rd prize TBD

Quantity box: (1 to 10)

Final total box

Payment information Page