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KWP Organized or Affiliated Training Events

Lake Kayak Instructors Course June 2019

This summer we are planning a lake trip leader and pool instructor course (tentatively the weekend of June 21st), hosted in Peterborough preferably over a single weekend. For our club’s purposes, this course is a foundation for the more advanced courses necessary for whitewater trip leading and instructing.   We have attached a description of a Lake and Pool lead/instructors course, for June of 2019. A paddling instructor Stef McArdle worked with us on this course description. She taught two courses for our clubs and others last summer. If you have any questions, please email us at kwpclubinfo@gmail.com.  To run this course, we need to recruit 6 trainees. 12 would be the optimum number. Also, we are approaching the Peterborough Paddling club, Brownsea Base, and the Peterborough Canoe and Kayak club.  The course description can be read here

If you are interested in attending this course, please complete this short form. This is not a commitment to purchase a spot in the course but to indicate an interest. We are looking for trainees from both within our club, and a commitment from other organizations to commit to trainee spots for their members.