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Venue: How to get there and Schedule

Directions to Iron Grille, Marmora  (Used to be called Bunkers Hideaway)



All Trips to be considered “sanctioned” by Whitewater Ontario must have a minimum of 3 people inclusive of 1 trip leader. Larger groups should maintain a 6:1 paddler to trip leader ratio. 


10 AM KWP trip is meeting in Tamworth. Look for Jonathan Clark’s Post (Space is limited) Trip expected 4-5 hours. 

11 AM- Volunteers arriving at Iron Grille. Tent goes up! Welcome! 

11 AM –Watch facebook postings for trips going out around this time Expected back 4 hours on the Beaver. 

1130 PRR Trip Full. Beaver-Graham. 

12 PM- Allocate space for Sponsors that will arrive Saturday morning 

12:30 PM BEAVER RIVER KWP TRIP-Expected back by 5pm 

Meeting at Iron Grill beside tents to organize float plans and trip leaders for anyone who came solo who wants in. KWP will run a trip down the Beaver river- Space is limited. Talk to Eric for this trip if you want in. 

Afternoon: Possibly a late run. Skoot/Crowe bridge 

Iron Grille on regular menu 

See bar for camping  — Upper and lower black trips be aware of Queensborough BBQ Throughout MACKFEST- YUM 


Iron Grille offers regular breakfast menu 

930 AM- Coffee and other treats on site. Maps and trip leader resources available. Open grounds for vendors. Meet up with paddling clubs during this time and link up for runs other than scheduled KWP ones. 

1030 AM – Trip Leader meeting in Iron Grille Parking lot. 

10:45 AM—PRR Trip PRR members full Black PRR Closed 

11:00 AM GKC trip RIVER TBD See your trip leaders 

11:00 PM – KWP Trip# 1 meeting in front of Iron Grille. 

12:30 PM—KWP Trip# 2 meeting in front of Iron Grille. Skootamatta Open trip. 12 Max. 


6:00 PM –Dinner is served! 

7:00 PM—PRIZE set up. Honourable guest 

7:15 PM –PRIZE WALK and raffle purchase 

8:15 PM –Announcing prizes! 

9:00 PM—Good night! 


Iron Grille offering Breakfast buffet for $12 per person 

10AM River TRIPS. Meeting at IRON GRILLE beside tents to finalize 

Skootomatta/Lower Black Phil Kompass leading- Check for river decision. Intermediate. 

KWP Trip 1 Possible Lower Black. Open to -Intermediate. Eric, Tony, Milton, Colleen, Gary, Leading. 

KWP Trip 2 Trip leaders going down black/Skootamatta 

GKC Trip river TBD-see your trip leaders. 

PRR Trip 1 Possibly Skoot. Graham, Full. Advanced. 

1-2 PM Queensborough BBQ —  Upper and lower black trips be aware of Queensborough BBQ Throughout MACKFEST- YUM 

4PM: Clean up! 

Mackfest Sponsors

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