President, Colleen Mycroft

I first became interested in paddling whitewater in university and I joined the University of Western Ontario Whitewater club. Sadly I didn’t get back into a whitewater kayak until 2010. Tony and I joined KWP after a weekend of lessons and have never looked back. We LOVE it! Kayaking festivals, new rivers, new skills, new friends, group camping, travelling, Naked in November, campfires and of course the support we have had on the river from many many different people since beginning has made KWP a great experience for not only the paddlers in our family but the non paddlers also. I am really excited about being the President of such a fantastic club. I am bursting with ideas and plans for 2017.  I am looking forward to working with the new board. My vision for the club is to promote an inclusive, safe paddling community that help and encourage each other and have a ton of fun on and off the river.

Shamoo, Vice-President

Kayaking has taken me to many amazing places. It has challenged me as a paddler and a person. Along the way I have met wonderful people and made lasting friendships. Kayaking is more than just a sport, it’s a lifestyle.


Marc, Director and Treasurer

Marc has been paddling for 8 months.  He was introduced to paddling one sunny afternoon on the Credit River in Mississauga.  He was immediately hooked, and quickly switched to whitewater kayaking.  Since then he has paddled Elora Gorge, Burley Falls, Palmer Rapids, Gatineau, The Gull, and the Ottawa River.  His most exciting paddle to date was the Gatineau River – a fun, scary, and challenging first day, that was successfully conquered the next day!  He has been a member of KWP since May 2016 and is looking forward to becoming more involved in the club.

Marcie, Director and Secretary

image of paddlerMarcie has been working on her kayak roll for a few years now.  She was introduced to paddling when she got tired of portaging and / or swimming.  Since then she has paddled Burleigh Falls, Palmer Rapids, the Gull, the Ottawa River, the Gat, Rouge River and Moose River.  Her most exciting paddle to date was paddling the Gull River from top to bottom and the first day she paddled the Ottawa without swimming. She has been an active member of KWP for about seven years.

Brian, Director of Membership

In 2010, I was going through a mid-life crisis and still wanted my boys to think I was a cool dad. My colleague and friend Sue wanted a good laugh and invited me to come out to a pool session with KWP. After spending a few thousand dollars and getting decked out in the finest of gear, I was convinced to go down the Salmon River in late March during a snow storm. We hadn’t even made it to the first set of rapids when I was taken out by the mightiest of ripples…ok, maybe it was only 2 inches high but I swear it looked like a Class V!  But seriously, I’ve been kayaking since 2010 most of which as a member of KWP.  Kayaking has given me the opportunity to travel throughout Ontario, Quebec, parts of the U.S., Costa Rica and Europe with my friends and family. Kayaking has allowed me to push my personal limits and meet many like minded people who enjoy the same things I do.

Eric, Member at Large

Eric has been a paddler for many years. First taking to the canoe but upon finding that kayaks are more durable for the water he likes to swim in, he took a crash course for 5 hours at the Gull in June of 2016. He quickly got an unreliable roll and has been finding new ways to wreck his kayak ever since. For those that don’t know, after roll attempt number 7 he does tend to look for a t-rescue.  After going about in a submarine part of last season he saw a reclusive Pyranha i3 and that is the boat you will see him in now. Parts of his sanity (and paint from various boats) pepper the continent but his new plastic love has only seen the Ottawa, Mississauga, Gull, Grand, and lock 28 in the Trent-Severn. With a knack for bringing pretty good food for our potlucks in the past season, he looks forward to being as friendly and welcoming to new members, as he has been fortunate to have had in his experience.