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KWP Club Leadership and Board of Directors

Chantal Leger, Event Coordinator

Chantal has been white water kayaking since her early 30’s and is not looking to stop anytime soon. Whether on the river or at the campsite she is easy to spot by her matching tie-dye kayaks. The Karma or the rock star are quite colourful to match her own bright personality. When not on the water she loves spending time with family and pets, and in the winter you can often find her shredding on her local ski hill. Chantal takes great pride in organizing fun trips for KWP and has worked very hard to bring additional benefits to our club. She works hard to make sure we are all on the river on time, that we follow covid protocols and that we make it to the OWL Pontoon in time for post paddling cookies. Chantal is at home on the GAtineau River or the Ottawa. She is truly passionate about whitewater kayaking and can talk about it for hours,

  Ryan Henderson, Member At Large

I started my paddling journey in the summer of 2018 after white water rafting for the first time! I loved the thrill and excitement of whitewater but I wanted something a bit more challenging. Plus the guys in the kayaks were having way more fun. My favourite river is the Ottawa but you’ll probably find me more often at the Gull. Hope to see you out on the River!

Eric Chaplin, President

Eric has been a paddler for many years. First as a canoeist, but upon finding that kayaks are more durable for the water he likes to swim in, he took a 5 hours crash course at the Gull in 2016. He quickly got an unreliable roll and has been finding new ways to wreck his kayak ever since. For those that don’t know, after 7 roll attempts he does tend to look for a t-rescue.  Parts of his sanity (and paint from various boats) pepper the continent but his new plastic love has only seen the Ottawa, Mississauga, Gull, Grand, and lock 28 on the Trent-Severn. With a knack for bringing pretty good food to our potlucks, he looks forward to being as friendly and welcoming to new members, as he has been fortunate to have experienced.


                                                                                                  Leah Kindree, Club Finance

Leah fell in love with whitewater paddling when she first stepped into a kayak more than
22 years ago. Since then, her passion for the sport has only grown, taking her to exotic
paddling destinations such as Mexico, Costa Rica and Chile, as well as the Grand
Canyon of the Colorado and countless other rivers in Canada and the USA.
In 2007 Leah achieved the distinction of being the eldest participant ever to complete
Esprit’s W.I.L.D. Program (Whitewater Intensive Leadership Development). Leah has
been an active member of KWP for more than fifteen years, and thoroughly enjoys
sharing her river knowledge and enthusiasm for paddling with others. Now retired and
living with her husband, Wayne in the Madawaska Valley, Leah enjoys paddling much
of the year, and also embraces gardening, hiking, and in winter, sports such as cross
country skiing and snowshoeing.
Leah continues to share her love of river running with other paddlers as a trip leader for
KWP, teaching her nephews to kayak each summer, and encouraging others to try new
lines to challenge themselves on the river. Always eager for the next adventure, you will
find her kayaking or canoeing down local runs, paddling the gnar gnar and exploring new rivers


Kristen Armitage, Club Secretary

Kristen is fairly new to the paddling scene and has quickly become hooked on the thrill that comes with big water. Her paddling adventures began in 2019, with a course at Paddler Co-op, on the Madawaska River, where she learned about KWP from her instructor (and KWP member).
Kristen joined KWP in the spring of 2020 and her first river trip with the club was the Ottawa Middle channel that June.  She has been enthusiastically throwing herself down the river ever since. You will likely find her on the river with a massive smile on her face, regardless of conquering a rapid or taking a refreshing swim.
Her favourite rivers are the Ottawa – Middle Channel, the Gatineau, and the Madawaska. She does have a bone to pick with the Ottawa Main channel after the lost paddle incident, but she is confident that this will be the year to sort that out.
When she’s not earning experience points on the river, you can find her and her husband, Andrew, chasing their two wild kiddos around, who she hopes will one day be joining her on the water.