Eric, Member at Large, Director

Eric has been a paddler for many years. First taking to the canoe but upon finding that kayaks are more durable for the water he likes to swim in, he took a crash course for 5 hours at the Gull in June of 2016. He quickly got an unreliable roll and has been finding new ways to wreck his kayak ever since. For those that don’t know, after roll attempt number 7 he does tend to look for a t-rescue.  After going about in a submarine part of last season he saw a reclusive Pyranha i3 and that is the boat you will see him in now. Parts of his sanity (and paint from various boats) pepper the continent but his new plastic love has only seen the Ottawa, Mississauga, Gull, Grand, and lock 28 in the Trent-Severn. With a knack for bringing pretty good food for our potlucks in the past season, he looks forward to being as friendly and welcoming to new members, as he has been fortunate to have had in his experience.

Simon Dadds, Secretary and Website Management, Director

I had my introduction to kayaking in the Kawartha in 1992, when I did a beginners whitewater course at the Gull River, after a weeklong road trip which included the Kipawa river in a raft and running the Madawaska section in front of MKC. Two decades later, still wearing the same paddling clothes, I am back. (Though the R7 kayak is now a lawn ornament or goat watering trough somewhere in northern BC).

 We are a family of 3 and we like to paddle. If you see on the river a necky jive, with duct tape around the cockpit, that’s me.

Ryan Wodham, Burleigh Dam Replacement KWP Lead

Ryan had stepped forward to advocate on behalf of the club and local Paddlers for improved white water access and surf wave development. He is our club lead for advocacy on Burleigh Dam and is the newly elected Diretor of Advocacy, on the board of Whitewater Ontario. Burleigh Dam is being replaced over the next three years.  This will impact our use of our home river, Burleigh Falls. Refurbishment in place of the dam is the preferred option for paddlers access and providing the space necessary for a surfing park. Ryan is also looking in other potential local locations. More information can be viewed at

The Facebook Feed for Burleigh Dam Replacement can be viewed  by clicking here:  Burleigh Dam

Tom Legere, Mackfest 2018 Lead


Tom is leading Mackfest for 2018.  A KWPer since 2009.  Tom joined the sport, paddling with his son, Ben.

Isaac Verhoeven, Succession Lead



Isaac started whitewater kayaking in 2008, joined KWP the following year.  He has lived in Ottawa since 2012. King of Clubs is his favourite annual kayaking event. His favourite part of the sport is introducing new people to the wealth of experiences whitewater brings. He was a whitewater instructor at AO Boatwerks and the Ottawa River Runners.  Although he  now lives and works in Ottawa, he is a KWPer at heart. Isaac will help the current board and the club membership transition to an updated organizational model.


Elly Walsh and Brent Dadds  Newsletter Leads


Elly and Brent have volunteered to create our first end of the year-2017 and plans for next year-2018 newsletter, coming to KWP members for early January.  This newsletter will feature highlights from our last year of paddling, and exciting plans for next year, and a year-end financial report.