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Facebook Activity

  • Hey friends. Who is paddling the middle this weekend ? I have a buddy who would like to join for the day with a bit of guidance ( has a roll but not the greatest) . We will be attending valleyfield Saturday and hopes for a crew to join on the middle Sunday? . Please let me know. Take care!!
    • What time u thinkin of puttin in? I may be down.
  • Hello I am a kayaker from Chile and I'm living in toronto ... someone else who paddling this weekend or next week ... I can rent my kayak but I have no car to approach the river .. i can put money for the fuel... thanks :)
  • Anyone up for paddling the Ottawa next week Mon-Thu? Camp at RR or WT.
    • Myself and a handful from the Guelph area will be there for the weekend
    • Will be there with few ppl Jul 1-10
  • I'm going with my Jackson all star anyone else going to join me
    • Hoping to be there in my bell canoe w my daughter.
  • I'm going with my Jackson all star anyone else going to join me
  • Anyone paddling Ottawa river this Friday, Saturday, or Sunday ?
    • Do you want to do a trip Friday?
    • Yes
    • Call me 9052420638
    • So there are 3 of us that what to run the Ottawa on Friday but we don't know the river well enough, we need a tour guide, I can pay a shiny new beer, or 2.....
    • I will add another beer
    • Mongaup river Ny is a possibility Near Watertown NY Closer than Ottawa I have some contacts There is a trip on the 26th
    • Madawaska Kanu centre has an advanced tripped planned for free on the Ottawa this Sunday. Give them a call and they can book you guys in. It's free guiding and instruction because they are doing an instructor course, they could use some volunteers
  • KWP Fun Run Tuesday this week. Prizes for first people that show up! Water is on the low side............ but very warm. Good for new people and kids.
    • Perfect
    • Anywhere close by to rent a boat? I'm wanting to come and bring another.
    • Emm came down w a infection from surgery Walk in clinic for me tonight I will miss you guys
    • Thanks everyone for a great day on the water.
  • Anyone up for camping and paddling the Ottawa next week Mon-Wed?
  • Looking for information on paddling the Burnt river. Bought a canoe the other day and was talking to the seller and mentioned it was nice, should have gotten more information at the time, putin etc. Is this a good river for tandem canoes? I know it can be done as a 2 day canoe trip, looking more for a quick 1/2 day paddle. is it good for this?
    • Yes it's a good trip. If you can get the old MNR report it will have all the details. Otherwise, look it up on CCR (Canadian Canoe Routes) and ignore any and all comments from playboaters- there are several nice rapids on this river that they don't have a clue about.
    • Check out the book, Cottage Canoe Routes by Kevin Callan. It covers the Burnt River route. Expect the level to be very low though so lots of bump and grind.
    • Great sounds good, thanks everybody!
  • Paddler Co-op Kids Programs begin soon, but there are still a few spots left! We have a variety of programs that include Kayaking, outdoor play and learning how to enjoy the river safely. All of our instructors are highly qualified and experienced. Create your own amazing summer experience!
  • In discussion with Scott yesterday he has asked me to spread the word to anyone attending the Kipawa River Rally next weekend that people are welcome to tent on the property starting Thursday evening but everyone must vacate the premises by Sunday after paddling as there is a full group coming in for Monday. A couple of other notes: There will be no fish fry this year. 😢 The store in Laniel is currently closed so plan appropriately. There is still some available lodging in Laniel at Chalet Diane and La Lucarne. Travel safe and looking forward to seeing everyone next weekend.
  • Buying a playboat. Jitsu or Rockstar? 5'8"/185
    • Comments
    • Martin and I will be there.
    • The pic looks like Garb
  • Wednesday Community Kayak Night Sessions @ Paddler Co-op: 6535 Palmer Road, Palmer Rapids Facilitated Community Paddling Sessions Begin June 22nd and run every Wednesday throughout the summer! Pre Registration Required on the MONDAY before each session (by 4pm) @ Annual Membership fee: $10 Each Session: $25/person Ages 5 and up welcome! All Rental Equipment Provided • Boat • Paddle • Helmet • Kayak Skirt when required You need to bring/wear: • Closed toe shoes • Clothes that can get wet & keep you warm • Warm Clothes for post paddle • Drivers License to your first session to sign waiver(s) In the event of inclement weather- session fees will be refunded or applied to a later date. Email with any questions.
    • Comments
    • most likely, Martin and I will be there.
  • Note: please let me know. I am going to call Bonnet Rouge this Thursday to confirm final numbers. Hello All, I have called the Bonnet Rouge campground and reserved a spot by the river. I estimated about 20 people for the weekend. I promised to call back with a better estimate so please post if you are attending. The Bonnet Rouge campground is located at the last rapid of the Gatineau River Run. From the last rapid that often has a surf wave you can see the beach and the take out of the campground. The campground has a beautiful sandy shallow beach. Trailers are fine but sadly dogs are not. The exception to the dog rule is there is a small section right at the put in that you may take a dog. It is tent friendly but not camper friendly. If you have a tent trailer you may want to call and confirm prior to departure. The River is gorgeous. I personally have only ran the river in late August and I believe the level presently is super high compared to that level. The rapids are similar to the Ottawa, wide and deep. Again my opinion when I have ran it was that it was slightly easier than the Ottawa but I have never ran it at high levels July 1-3. Canada Day Weekend. The website for the campground: the camping is $17/ per person. Under 14 years of age is a lesser rate. Post if you are coming. Thanks
    • I plan on going! Ideally would like to carpool with someonev
    • What dates are you looking at going? This coming weekend? Or later in the summer?
    • Martin and I will be coming
    • I will not. I am planning on Gat Fest though.
    • Leah and I are planning to be there.
    • You do not need to call Bonnet Rouge individually. I can call with numbers.
    • Not sure, I will be paddling the Gat June 18-20th. Lisa and I may still be stateside on Canada day :-I
    • Oui Colleen, je serai présent!
    • Bruce and I are going to the Gatineau that weekend .
    • Hope to go for at least part of the weekend. Unsure just yet.
    • Seamus let me know if your going, I may be home for this
    • Seamus will be joining. Rory and Quinn are maybes.
    • Devin Fawcett looking forward to seeing you again.
    • Confirmed for vingt et un. Please update if you wish to come. Darryl Simmons I added two for you. I got both Jari and Elaine. And Rick and Doug without spouses. I did not include the Ryan younger boys. I don't think that will be a problem to add them. Merci!
    • Looks like Libby, Colton and I can go.
  • Reminder that Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers Fun Run Paddling Nights begin in one week on Thursday June 16th. What is KWP Fun Run Nights? – It is scheduled club paddling that takes place at Burleigh Falls on set evenings throughout the summer. When are they? – Fun Run Nights are pre scheduled every week and alternate between Tuesday Wednesday and Thursdays. First one falls on a Thursday, next is Tuesday. There are 2 weeks in the summer that are not scheduled due to host being away. Dates are on website under Events or here June 16, 21, 29, July 7, 12, 20, August 11, 16, and 24. Show up anytime, but most people pull in after work between 5:00 and 6:00pm, paddling starts around this time and goes till dark. Where are they? – At Burleigh Falls, 20 min north of Lakefield on Hwy #28. Burleigh Falls is part of the Trent Severn Waterway and is a small park and paddle location that always has water, but at various levels. Weekly updates on levels will hopefully occur. Burleigh Falls is generally no more than Class 3 during the summer and can sometimes be Class 1. Great for beginners and novices or for those that want to get out in the warm days of summer for some boating. Is there anything else I should know? – There will be prizes every night! And most likely some sort of game or paddling activity to keep it interesting. The paddling is at Burleigh Falls but the meeting place, parking after party is at Reeder’s house (North side of Burleigh Falls on left). Food is supplied via BBQ, please bring $5.00 to offset costs and volunteers are welcome for with assisting cooking and cleanup, email Stephanie at if you want to help. If you have any further questions don’t be afraid to ask or email New paddlers / club members welcome!
    • First week dinner (and each subsequent Thursday) will be wings at Lovesick Lake restaurant across the bridge.
    • Hey Stephanie Reeder confirming we need a BBQer each Tuesday or Wednesday to cook hamburgers sausages hot dogs etc. Yes?
    • Yep. That would be great. One or two ppl to help cook and help clean up after would be stellar! I'm open if said volunteers also want to take on bringing a salad or dessert as well.
    • Lovesick Lake is staying open late for us - hopefully we get some folks out to make it worth their effort!
    • So Tony and I will be there. And maybe Haley.
    • Seamus coming solo, no kids.
  • KWP Ottawa River Trip #1 June 18 and 19. KWP’s annual Ottawa River Trip #1 is scheduled for Saturday June 18 and Sunday June 19. The following is what you need to know! Camping: We will start with camping as it is a hot topic. In the past we have camped at River Run. I will be camping there and presume other KWPer’s to as well. However there are other options available if you would like. OWL Rafting – – 1-800-461-7238 Logo’s Land – – 1877-816-6605 Whitewater Brewery – River Run – – For those planning on staying at River Run a reservation under Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers has already been set up. The camping fee is $15 per night, per person, ages 5-12 $10 a night under 5 free. This includes your take out fee ($8 will not be taken off those with season pass sorry). River Run prefers that you call to book, but in the event you can’t you will still be offered the deal at the gate. Call 1-800-267-8504 and book under Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers. River Run is located at 1260 Grant Settlement Road, Forester Falls, lots of signs if it is your first time coming. In the past we have camped at a site called Paddlers Meadow, a large open site set back from the water and pavilion. This year River Run is allowing paddlers to camp anywhere. Would KWPer’s like to move down to the camping close to pavilion? As far as things to bring, bring anything you we need for car camping, tent, chair, bug spray, etc. Paddlers usually do their own cooking but River Run does have food options. River Run also has other accommodations Cabins, bunkies, etc. check website for details on food and accommodations. River: Ottawa River is a large volume river that flows year round. It can fluctuate in levels 20+ feet over the year. That being said we can never guarantee what the level will be, but late June 2016 will most likely be between 10 ~ 5 on the gauge. What does this mean? Well for new paddlers not much. There are two channels that can be run on the Ottawa (Middle and Main). For the most part the Middle gets run in higher water the Main in lower water. Both channels are big water Class 3 rapids. All are easy to scout and walk. Water is deep and pool drop. Great for novice paddlers with roll, or learning roll. Expect the water to be cool, a splash top or wetsuit will probably be preferred especially if overcast or temps are low. Other Info: Most paddlers show up on Friday night for camping however you can meet up with group on Saturday. KWP usually puts on around 10:00 am Saturday and Sunday morning. If you are coming up in morning or from another campsite let me know so we can wait for you. Look for post on website as some KWPer’s head up Friday early to get a run on the river. If you want more info or have questions email Look for poll questions on the website concerning this weekend.
    • Is anyone heading up from Ottawa with room for an extra person? I would love to go but as of right now I don't have a way there
    • I would love to take part in something like this. I have a very basic skill set. I can not roll and I can see that being an issue in a group. I hate having to keep bailing my boat. Any suggestions?
    • learn to roll!
    • seriously though come out June 16th at Burleigh Falls and see how it goes, if you have the skills roll may not be as important as you think.
    • I am very interested. I confirm soon.
    • I will be there with a friend. Just tell me where most of tje people will camp.
    • Yes....where are ppl camping?
    • Possibly not river run.
    • See, since they are charging $15 including the otherwise $8 take out fee, then camping elsewhere would have to be only $7 to make sense for me (no season pass). Where at RR is the preferred camping?
    • Thought you guys already confirmed RR?
    • Small but rebellious group are planning on the brewery with dinner Saturday night, live music. Maybe a Gatineau 2015 repeat if we are allowed to drink fireball and dance! lol
    • Yous staying at river run?
    • Yes I am, not sure why anyone wouldn't that is where the party is going to be! Flip Cup Chapion anyone
    • Works out cheaper than the brewery
    • So GKCers are like almost KWP, right?
    • Yes they had trailer sights down ther in the past! that being said they are doing a lot of work at River Run, clear trees, opening it up etc. Not sure what it will look like this weekend. May have to just wait and see.
    • The word is no. There is no trailer parking on the right due to hedge. Left is chewed up due to work. I say paddler meadow as per usual.....
    • Let's all go to Paddlers Meadow.
    • See you all there. Will bring katie and eddie
    • Coming up Friday evening, leaving Cobourg around 5:30. Looking forward to it.
    • I will probably arrive saturday am. Will aim for nine am.
    • Leaving friday after work
    • Will be there Friday night!
  • Thanks Stephanie, that was brilliant to make events and invite everyone.
    • Not sure how it works entirely as I think I only invite those that are my friends so I shared the events as well. Sorry to those that were bombarded!