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Facebook Activity

  • Does anybody happen to be going to Ottawa this weekend and also returning?
    • Hey Jordan if all else fails see if he will meet us at River Run long weekend and we can help you out.
    • Ty !
  • anyone paddling the gull this weekend?
    • I plan to show up some time Sunday
    • I might. Any others going too?
    • What time ru going up Marcie?
    • Connie, open boat? If so I'll bring mine.
    • If you are, open boat it is! I gotta go and change my gear bag now.
    • :-)
    • Jack and I may join
    • That work?
    • More the merrier!
  • Leah and I are planning to paddle the Gatineau River Tuesday and Wednesday August 2 and 3. I know it's during the week, but is anyone interested in joining us?
    • I have the week before king of clubs free to paddle but not the week after. Want to go before??
    • Anyone interested in joining us?
  • A FB friend is selling these.
  • King of the Clubs 2016 is quickly approaching as you can see. http://captiongenerator....the-clubs-2016-kayaking For those that don't know about KOC it is a fun all abilities event that takes place on the Ottawa River on July 31st. KWP will be up there paddling Saturday, Sunday and Monday paddling and hanging out with our and other clubs. Organizers of KOC need to know roughly how many people from each club are attending ie food prep for Sunday night etc. PLEASE post on here by July 23rd as to whether you plan on attending KOC. INFO you need to know: KOC will be at River Run this year. Cost for camping is $15 per night per person, includes take out. If you pre call please use KOC registration number 106170. Or tell them you are with King of the Clubs. KWP usually camps in Northend of the Meadow. Know that this year KOC Organizers are trying to set up a central location for food and community campfire. Likely location will be center of Meadow (by the kiosk). If you don't want to be in the center of the fun please camp accordingly. As well please remember to leave space for Boat Toss! The "event" is free for WO members which you are if you area a KWP member. If you are not a KWP member you can join that weekend. You can also pay a day fee $10 for the WO insurance and event and paddle with KWP or another club. Food costs $5, in past KWP covered cost, not sure about this year, it will be posted prior to event. Special Note: Some of the KOC events have changed from pervious years, nothing set in stone yet but here's what you can look forward too. Advanced Boater Cross on McCoys (5 paddlers), Kayak Relay on the Lorne 8~9 paddlers), Cardboard Boat Race (1 paddler), Ball Game at Normans (4 paddlers), Intermediate Boater Cross, location TBD (5 paddlers), Tug of War (5 paddlers), Boat Toss Male and Female, Rope Toss (5 people). Plus there may be a new event or two. We need as many KWPer's at KOC this year to help u s win our first of many titles. KWP will need some "club organizers" to rally the troops, help lead paddlers down, etc, etc. Let Cale or Tony know if you are interested. More info on the weekend (KOC event and KWP weekend paddling) will be coming soon. Need info? Email
    • Looks like I'll be coming. Do I need to reserve a site?
    • Nope. Just show up and find a spot to camp.
    • I'll be there!
    • Tony and I. If no one wants to organize the people into events I would be willing.
    • I will be there. Not racing events.
    • We are planning on paddling on Friday. If anyone else plans on joining us, they should post so we don't leave without them.
    • Leanne and I are booked in at one of the river run chalets (we don't have a camper; my OMS and Leanne's princess status prevents us from camping ;) Wanting to paddle Friday too
    • Oh Dave! Leanne let us know that you're the princess not her HA HA
    • Your right. Need to buy a fancy caravan. When gypsy town arrives at river run, I will try and make a deal on a good used trailer.
    • I will be there Sunday for sure. Hoping to find a dog sitter so we can come up Friday instead.
  • Sooo...water is ok. A couple of logs out (at least tonight we will see what tomorrow brings). Regardless, since the water has been mediocre at best all summer I thought we would 'spice' up dinner a bit and get away from burgers. Pulled pork and corn on the cob tomorrow - so even if you don't want to come out for the paddle at least come for the food! See you tomorrow! So far it may be 3 ppl sharing a whole lot of pork.....mmmmmm!
    • Will be there. There is always the one handed hand roll working up to rolling with an open beer can trick to work on! Lol see ya tomorrow.
    • I'm there!
    • Who wouldn't want to come to paddle. Even if it is beyond insanity what I do.
    • I'll try to come out for the food :-)
    • Looks like I might have the scent of another kayak my size. If so, I might not be making today.
  • KOC Mexican potluck! For anyone who has not participated in KOC the winner of the previous year cooks supper for everyone in all of the clubs. I believe that is Sunday night after the KOC competitions. But KWP had a curry potluck at the Gatineau weekend and it was such a big success that I have had requests to repeat KOC weekend also. We will have the potluck on the other night (thinking Saturday night) . The potluck though has a theme. There was a lot of suggestions, BBQ, Bacon, favourite camp dinner but the hands down winner was Mexican. If you wish to participate simply bring a Mexican dish to share as a part of the potluck. We will organize a place likely the big white tent, and bring the tables together.
    • I will bring some tacos, tortillas and spiced meat (filler). please let me know how many people we are expecting.
    • Two for us.
  • Andy Convrey will be facilitating "Stop Thrashing", an Intermediate Solo Boat Course right here at Paddler Co-op. Andy is a phenomenal paddler, founder and crafter of Echo Paddles and instructor, don't miss your chance to partake! We are offering this 2 day course for the price of a 1 day private clinic for our members! *Not a current member? No problem, just sign up today for $10* Saturday, July 30th & Sunday, July 31st, 2016 Course Total =$200 + HST For more details or to register.. head to the website, Email or Phone 613-758-2772.
  • Thank you KWP members for including my son in your runs down river from Jessops this past weekend. Much appreciated.
    • We were happy to have him ! Our club does have younger paddlers. We post our trips and activities on FB. If you would like to tag along give a shout!
  • Hey everyone, I've been trying to source Shred Ready full face helmets for a couple friends with little success! I'm in talks with Chris at AO Boatwerks about bringing in an order! It's possible more interest could reflect the price! Adventure Outfitters in Lakefield can no longer get them, same goes for MEC! I can't seem to find retailers in Ontario! If your interested in one just post here and I will continue talks with AO!
    • Interested
    • What's wrong with this province? Seems that a lot of gear including boats we have to cross boarders to get.
    • Interested
    • Link to the page!
    • Interested
    • I do need a full face. As long as the price is decent.
    • Interested price dependent!
    • Hey Kees van den Heuvel, have you tried ottawa paddle shack?
    • Any news on this?
    • Jari is interested. I may be.
    • Interested as well for all those runs upside-down I tend to do.
    • Did you talk to John at Wild Rock
  • Mushroom and washing machine on the Rouge. Before the seven sisters waterfalls. You know you wanna go with me! This weekend!
    • For those who will do the sisters too! Cale Reeder Paul Buckley
    • Festival This Weekend.
    • Next week end!
  • I'm missing a pr of neoprene shoes. The last time I used them was Palmerfest. Did anyone happen to find a pair that weekend? There is also a good chance they are buried in my garage. Thanks
    • Size 9?
    • I think so but not 100% sure
    • they probably would have been near that old truck. I was parked there before I left
    • And Happy Belated Birthday!
    • Did you find a pair?
    • ???
    • Yes, size 9.
    • If you guys are going to Burleigh Wed can you bring them pls? Hopefully they are mine
    • Yes I'll bring them.
    • Thanks
  • With KWP at Palmer this weekend and the lower mad running at 60cm/s, anybody up for a run of the lower mad Saturday if the level stays up?
    • Anybody??
    • Matt Tony and I have some new people coming up so we will be sticking close. You might want to message Travis and see if he can come out and play.
    • Hi Colleen and Matt, I'm a GKC member and soon to become a KWP member. Any chance I can paddle with you al this weekend?
    • I'm sure that won't be a problem. Just swing by jessups campground and somebody will be paddling around there.
    • Great, Thanks Matt
    • Of course you are welcomed to come up Marc! See you on the weekend.
    • See you all on Weekend.
    • Thanks
    • While you are there, steal all of their koc secrets.
    • Who's this guy, don't know him, never met him. Really!!! (P.S. Travel safe while in EU)
  • Kawartha Whitewater Paddlers Kids Weekend at Palmer is July 16 and 17. At Palmer Rapids (Jessups Campground). Fun weekend for kids with paddling, rafting, swimming, games, fireworks and activities. No need to be KWP if you have kids and want to come and see what its all about. All welcome. If you are planning on coming with kids please email so that it is easier to plan. Any questions please email.
    • Seamus, Rory, Quinn no longer coming up Saturday due to rescheduled soccer game. Might make it up for Sunday paddle.
    • Stephanie and Cale, Susan and I will be there, and we're bringing friends! One couple with three kids (twin 2.5 yr olds and a 1 yr old) and a tent trailer. Do you have any more details for the weekend? We'll all be coming up Friday evening. I'll also email you.
    • We are planning on camping at the far end opposite to the end Tony and I camped at at Palmer.
    • We plan on camping at that tier below were tony and Colleen camped at may 24
    • Close to beach but under a tree.....
    • We'll see when we get there. The place we camped last time was shaded most of the day which worked out well for Zander's nap time.
    • Seamus, Rory, Quinn no longer coming. Rescheduled soccer games both Saturday and Sunday :(
    • Marty is working this weekend. Friends cancelled. Staying home.
  • Gatineau lost and found☺mike is asking if anyone picked up his lawn chair. He gave no details just that it was a sturdy one? Patty? Bruce? Did you notice? Thanks in advance. Elaine
    • We have his lawn chair. We really like it.
    • Ask Tony Wetham, he got a wonderfull collection of found chairs!
  • Cale Reeder and Paul Buckley I think there is a message in this video, to guide our next assault on Moore's Creek.
    • I'm terrified just watching the video.
  • Anyone want to join me in a clinic with Liquid Skills on the ottawa thursday july 28-fri july 29??? Then join in on king of clubs for the weekend.
  • My hero
    • New KWP challenge
    • Can this be my step up?
    • I'll give it a try
    • Wow. New challenge
    • I think it should be a KOC classic
    • A point for every person per club who can complete the roll.
    • You know your girls would win because they are freakishly flexible.... Good try Colleen Mycroft
    • Actually Lee Smith we have quite a few events requiring strength so this would just balance it out.
    • I'm feeling the love all the way down here in Guelph:) KOC trash talk has to start somewhere. Can't let the Carlton stack up their team and trash everyone again
    • I would be happy with just the hand roll and no beer....oh wait, I meant just the beer and no hand roll
  • Burleigh Falls v3 - including feedback from subject matter expert :)
    • Cool seamus!
    • Perry's Creek? What's that? Is it viable? Is it worth it?
    • Nice
    • v4 includes water levels and flow ranges?
    • Will it include panarama photos as well?
    • hi Eric Troicky, Perry's creek is fun, Cale and Steph might be able to tell you what level.
    • Perry's Creek is good fun. If you feel comfortable on the main run its a nice little step up to make some more interesting moves!!
    • Jay this is what I was talkin about if you haven't run the little creek down the back
    • Yea I figured that out Cregg Jalbert I didn't know it was good to run!
  • Anyone want to paddle tomorrow??
    • Will be at the gull in the evening and staying the weekend
    • Lora and i hope to be at burleigh at four thirty today- friday.
    • Hey Marcia I am riding 🚵 to Peterborough as we speak At the pastry peddler enjoying a butter tart and latte
  • Burleigh Falls including Perry Creek
  • Hot and humid today! Lets have a good turnout for a refreshing club run! Who's in?
    • Ill be late as usual. But I will do my best to show
    • Didn't remember that fun run was tonight, thanks Steve. I'll try to make it, wing night right?
    • Yup
    • Anyone else??? No better spot than on the alter in this heat!
    • Well I don't want to be on the alter I'll definitely be looking forward to a swim tonight.
  • Courtesy of Seamus Ryan...
    • Cool. Make sure to eddy out before the six foot drop. Would live to see perry's creek on there
    • I'll redo this image later from home, and include Perry's Creek, and the drop-in.
  • Gat trip report?
    • Awesome! Details coming soon!
    • Steve - study up and get ready for gat fest! Great river.
    • Who the heck classified those hah 😅