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Facebook Activity

  • For some this is a double posting (sorry for that)
  • A board member of the Ontario Recreational Canoe Kayak Association is hosting a meeting Oct 22 to discuss decreasing barriers to paddling (including canoe trips!) in schools and elsewhere throughout the province. As you may or may not know there has been increased resistance from school boards and others in the last 10 years or so, as they deem these outdoor ed activities to be of an increased liability etc. etc....Even given their proven benefits. It will be an interesting meeting and will be a good opportunity to be involved in something both education and outdoor related. Meeting is in Pickering, Pine Ridge Secondary School at 10 am.
  • Boat is back up for sale. Buyer changed his mind. $425.00. Buy it quick before Cathy finds out I'm selling it. Fuse 48
  • Can we get discussion going on who is going to Palmer Rapids this weekend?
    • I would love to do the lower Mad
    • Sorry - the Reeder's have bailed...
    • Didn't realize others were going....
    • I don't have the car this weekend so I can't go :(. So it will either be a run of Elora on Sunday, or nothing at all :(
    • going to the Gull instead.
    • I'm going to paddle Elora Gorge on Sunday, given to low interest in Palmer
  • I've been talking with our local Liquidlogic dealer Peter DeMos from LivOutside in Bracebridge about ordering demo boats for clubs to moosefest. Shipping to moosefest is 50USD. Club demo boats are $918CAD for a braaap or party braaap and $999CAD for a stinger. The boats will be need to be rented to club members for a year as demos and a fundraiser then can be sold/raffled/auctioned to club members for a fundraiser. Liquidlogic's dope ass warranty still applies to these boats. We also would get a deal pre ordering boats through him for 1199CAD instead of 1399CAD for his spring shipment. If you are interested please contact me with numbers/questions asap.
    • I'm not sure I understand - we can buy a demo boat for the be rented (club keeps rental fees) for a year then we can raffle off the boat?
    • Tony Whetham Colleen Mycroft...other board members - wasn't there talk of getting a couple club boats.....I leave it to you and the board to follow up with Richard if interested
    • Stinger!
    • I would like a duo for the club. We would have to have a sign up sheet because I think it would be that popular.
    • When do you need to know by Richard?
  • KWP is looking for a new Head Organizer for 2017 M.A.C.K. fest 2017 (Marmora Area Canoe and Kayak Festival) If you have been to M.A.C.K. fest before than you know what it is all about. If not it is a โ€œfestivalโ€ that promotes the Hwy #7 Rivers that stretch from Havelock to Tammworth including Black, Beaver, Crowe, Salmon, Skootamatta, and Moria. In the past the festival / weekend has included Freestyle events, Down River Races, Bands, Different hosting locations, Prizes, Draws, Camping, etc. but feel free to put your own spin on it. There is a M.A.C.K. fest website at that has 2016 info, river descriptions, etc. KWP is looking for an individual that is willing to take the lead on organizing M.A.C.K. fest and its volunteers spring 2017. This individual will be responsible for getting M.A.C.K. fest committee together, budgeting M.A.C.K. fest funds (of which there is a solid budget), setting potential MACK fest Dates, Locations, Updating and improving website (working with website guy), Events (if any), Entertainment (if any), Prizes (if any), etc, etc, etc. If you are interested in taking on this role, please email (Cale). If more than one volunteer steps up, working together would be ideal, but if not KWP Board can appoint someone. The individual(s) would report to the KWP Board as they hold the M.A.C.K. fest finances, and ultimately the M.A.C.K. fest file. Volunteer(s) will have the assistance of past organizers to help with contacts, set up, past info on what has worked and what has not. KWP would like to have role filled prior to KWP AGM (Nov 5th) if possible, but would like to allow enough time for candidates to volunteer for position. If you would like position, please submit name to prior to Oct 22nd as M.A.C.K. fest will be discussed at the AGM. KWP is looking forward to filling this vital role and working with this person in 2017. Thank you.
  • Would anybody be interested in doing a run of the Mississagua River just North of Buckhorn the weekend before thanksgiving (OCT 1-2 weather and flow dependant)? The river is having its dam replaced and I was thinking we should do a run before since it could be a bottom feed replacement. The river is long, but has quite a few sections that are runnable (even in most canoes). There are of course some rougher sections as well. Although this parallels highway 36 and 507 it feels remote. If possible we should be able to do the run in a day. In any case this is my vote to close the season before NIN, as I won't be on river during thanksgiving unless I am really lucky.
    • Maybe...
    • Just back from Italy. Sorry.
    • Doubtful it will be running, usually needs spring levels to get flows up if I'm not mistaken
    • If you don't get out this fall Eric, it will be runnable in the spring. We ran it this year April/ may. Super high. I would like to run it again with my dry drysuit.
  • Fuse 48 for sale. $452.00. Wife gave up boating and beer. Wants to stay home and keep the house clean for her perfect hubby. Her words not mine.
    • Who's wife, it can't be yours?
    • That sounds like words of a guy who is about to need dental work. ;)
    • Is your boat still available
  • Hey kwp gauley goers. I can't find my prescription shades. They were in a brown hard case. All black glasses. Made me seem cool when I was really crying inside. Hopefully they got collected while cale was racing to pack up.
    • I think we have them....found something that fits that description in my car this morning...what are they worth to you?
    • The world. Cale probably stole them because he knows how good I look with them.
    • ๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘๐Ÿค‘
    • Senor Cervza stole them
    • I'm not surprised, He was pretty messed up on Saturday night. Whipping it out and asking girls if he was circumcised. He probably needed the sunglasses for the hangover.
  • Check out kwp website for fall details incuding Pool sessions, AGm etc.
    • How do I get a username and password?
    • You don't need that to look at the forums
    • The purpose of a Facebook page is to easily share and socialize topics of this nature. Kind of defeats the purpose if we redirect members to a website.
    • Except Facebook sucks for keeping detailed threads about conversations. Simon, you may need to log in from a PC for your first time to register. The mobile platform isn't the greatest. Once you have created a login, you should have no problem logging in on your mobile.
    • I find both mediums quite frustrating to wade through! The easiest way to get the inside scoop is to go to Cale's office! ๐Ÿ˜
  • Wanted: an ambitious and patient ndividual to organize pool sessions in the Peterborough area. If interested speak to Terry Shaw.
    • I am on it. There is also a post concerning this and a lot of other KWP stuff on the website.
  • Thanks for the add. I was hoping someone on here could guide me to getting started in this sport with some lessons somewhat local to me...Peterborough area.
    • Keep you eye on this page for winter pool sessions. It's a good way to get comfortable. May be some people to lend some equipment too if you don't have any. Boatwerks in Minden and MKC both offer lessons. There are others that offer them too. People here will pipe up with experiences with lesson providers. Feel free to ask questions.....and welcome
    • Pool sessions. Paddler Co-op has a clinics that run at Palmer Fest on May 2-4 as well as lessons throughout the spring/summer. Find paddle education's YouTube page. There are great intro videos on there. Sort by oldest first and watch them in order.
    • Ok cool. Thanks guys. I got all the stuff. I'll watch for some spring sessions for sure. I'll check boatwerks out as well and MKC. Thanks again
    • Hoping to have pool sessions in Courtice this winter. Someone from the club might start them up again in Peterborough. The used to be at Trent U
  • Hey KWP peeps. Those of us still in Ontario and are planning a Gull weekend. I have had a request for a repeat potluck. Something about not having to cook the whole meal thing. I was kinda thinking of keeping it simple at this point and making it a traditional old fashion pot luck. Telling you right now regardless I have a tray of egg plant Parmesan. Lol
    • 6pm. Saturday.
    • We are planning on coming up Saturday
    • Looking through recipes... Hmmm
    • I'm thinking to bring an apple crisp... Or apple cake if I have time later today
    • I get first dibs on bop it lol
    • You guys paddling in the rain
  • For those going to the Gull this weekend, I checked with Dave Gillespie and the usual camping area is NOT where the tree work is being done. We're safe to camp in the trailer park as usual.
    • what's the water level?
    • Someone posted 8.3 yesterday
  • Posts randomly when I log in sorry
    • It was low this morning - they closed the gates yesterday.
    • Note most folks are in WV or at the gull.....
  • Hey I know this is late notice and probably not good for many but Lindsey and I are going to the PTBO rock climbing on Tuesday September 20th: noon. If anyone else is interested let me know.
    • Do I read rock climbing? :D On the KWP page? I am confused :p
    • We do lots of fun things, MTB, ski/snowboard, joyride, stay tuned.
    • Eat, drink
    • Run. Lol
  • I know it's early. But is there going to be pool sessions this year at Trent
    • I would also be interested in pool sessions if they are happening
    • I would be interested in every other week, depending on my work schedule.
  • Who is going to the Gull this weekend?
    • I'll be there if there is enough water.
    • I'm wondering numbers too
    • Can someone post the water level if you are there on Friday?
    • I am going there! And Greg River Rat Foster too.
    • Shhh! Don't tell Darryl we are going Thursday. Will update. Check out the KWP post....potluck request. No theme this time. Just old fashion pot luck.
    • I am planning on going to the Gull Friday night, if I can get the sailboat mast down Friday morning. I just hope I can get the marina owner motivated to help me to remove the mast. He had me schedule for Saturday but I think I have him talked into Friday.
    • Yesterday gauge was 8.20, lake was high, easy pull up to Otter Slide RL.
  • Can anyone recommend a brand of helmet and why
    • Sweet. Hands down. They're expensive but what is your head worth?
    • NRS Inexpensive, good coverage, and very good fitting 30.00 instead of 200-400
    • WRSI make great helmets with a solid reputation and good prices too. That said I wear sweet, they are better helmets for quite a bit more $$ Depends how much you think your brains worth
    • Definitely Sweet. They're expensive but fit well, drain well, offer the best protection, and look super stylin' too...
    • Just picked up a wrsi carbon trident at trailheads big sale for 140 bones. The sweet helmets all squeeze me right behind the ears in a bad way so I ruled them out. Love the wrsi
    • Sweet so that you can look like Ben Marr. All of the cool kids look like Ben Marr.
    • Sweet. Not the baseball cap style. But a good fitting helmet is the most important part.
    • sweet, the fuzzy ear muffs alone are worth the extra $$
    • Sweet helmets are great for boarding/skiing as well as kayaking. Therefore your helmet count drops by 1. Just make sure you dry it out between boating and boarding. Frozen helmet head is the worst
    • Thanks for the info guys I just ordered a nrs havoc helmet
    • Hoping for the best
  • Burleigh Dam
  • Just wanted to to post about some of us heading to the Gull this weekend. I'm not sure on numbers, so I will just bring something for myself (no particular theme in mind)
    • I am considering going to the Gull this weekend with Greg River Rat Foster. I am not sure about my plans, but I will keep you posted!
    • Planning on being there.
    • Gonna be awesome!!!
    • I'm game.
  • So...BBQ is in 5 days and only 6 ppl are would be fantastic to have some hard numbers as to how many ppl are coming so I can have enough food. Plan is pulled pork. Also if you want you can bring a SMALL salad or app or dessert. Post here or in the event so we know what/who coming. Any volunteers for coleslaw to go with the pork? Also- please msg me with any food issues that may prevent you from eating pork. Camping is welcome, tents and trailers. BYOB&B (boats and beverages!). Chairs are also a great idea.... Come anytime after 1 for a paddle. Lastly, GEAR WILL BE HERE! bring cash or send an etransfer to $65 for sweatshirts and $20 for tshirts. Msg me if you want to confirm price. Thanks! Looking forward to it!
    • I will be there...bringing dessert if that's ok. camping in the backyard
    • Two posts? Todd, Katy, Ryder and Rowan. Quinoa Greek salad with feta. We will make a small side salad without feta.
    • Marc, Diane and Rachel. We will bring a desert and appetizer. Trailer camping.
    • Lib, colton and I. Will bring a broccoli salad but that can be switched to coleslaw if needed.
    • Jason and Amanda are coming. Will bring an appetizer. Not staying over night.
    • Elly and I will be there
    • We'll bring a salad
    • 2 here
    • We are not staying over night. Btw.
    • Leah and Wayne coming...bringing baked beans...not staying over.
    • We won't be staying over either
    • For those that aren't sure what to bring - maybe nothing. We have at least 4 desserts, 4 salads, a couple apps, and some beans.....if have volunteered/plan to bring something remember that you have to take home what you don't don't make it too big!! Thanks to all for volunteering and see you Saturday!!
    • Coming for the paddle and bbq, not staying overnight. I can make and bring guacamole and corn chips if needed/wanted!
    • For those coming, or on the fence, know that the water is still on the low side, great for beginners, but with enough water that the dam looks runnable. May be the only time this year we can run it!
    • Btw bringing veggies and dip. and Lindsey!
    • Numbers so far, Steph?
    • 40+
    • I won't be there till evening now ... Hoping someone will do a run w me!
    • Anyone bringing beginners that need to borrow equipment?
    • Someone who is spending the night may want to bring coffee if you want caffeine in the morning....I only have decaf
    • Great time...
    • Thanks for a great time and thanks for opening up your place for us to join you it was nice great food and people
    • Thank Stephanie Reeder & Cale Reeder for hosting the bbq and inviting us in to your home.